Product Size (cm) Thickness
Format Tiles width10-30 (at int.of 5cm.),at size up to 60cm. 15-25mm
Format Tiles width10-30 (at int.of 5cm.),at size up to 60cm. 25-40mm
Broken Polygonal Tiles up to 7 pieces of sq.m. unspecified
Bones 1 ton palette  
Paving stone 15х15  20х20 20mm
Paving stone 15х15  20х20 40mm
Paving stone "ANTIQUE" 15х15  20х20 20mm and 40mm
Masonry 1 ton palette  
Glitz width10-30(at int.of 5cm.),at free size  
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1europallet = 1 tone = 20sq.m. formed gneiss or 25sq.m. polygonal plates /up to 12p./
or 15sq.m. polygonal plates /up to 4p./

1TIR = 22 europalttes = 22 tones = 440sq.m. formed plates or 550 sq.m. polygonal plates /up to 12p./
and 300sq.m. polygonal plates /up to 4 p./

approximate price of 1 TIR:
central Europe -2000 euro, eastern Europe - 1000-1500 euro
Scandinavia - 3000 euro
IVESTA LTD is looking for business partnership and cooperation with stone traders across Europe for selling and representing its production in EU. For more information and prices please contact us:

+359 2 852 0943  
+359 894 366732
+359 883 450462          skype: ivesta.bulgaria

For goods produced of all other types of natural stones

/marble, granite, travertine, onyx, lime-stone, sandstone/

please visit our other company's website:
dekor bg
Prices from 4 euro per square meter

For more information please call us at:

+ 359 2 852 0943            
+359 894 366732
+359 883 450462